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Check out the surprisingly explosion-heavy trailer for Europa, Tencent’s new battle royale


Update, November 26th: Tencent have just released a trailer for their upcoming battle-royale shooter Europa.

It’s time for another peek at Europa, and this time we get to see the game in action, thanks to the exciting little trailer above. Come for the paragliders, stay for a general demonstration of the more polished and less grungy look of the game, with weapons, vehicles, and technology seeming more advanced than the usual scavenged mostly-former-Soviet gear seen in the likes of PUBG.

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Night vision goggles, gliders, armoured cars, and similar seem to be the focus of the trailer. There’s also a lot of destructible scenery, with concrete cover able to be shredded with sufficient gunfire, large chunks of structures completely breakable, and – excitingly, for night-time combat – lights can be destroyed, plunging areas into darkness. It’s all a little reminiscent of the Frostbite engine’s famous building-smashing tech, and likely to change how the traditionally defensive-heavy game is played if even solid-looking cover can be beaten with firepower.

The game is set for release in 2018, but unless I’ve misread something, then they’re pushing to begin public testing for the game as early as next month. Any such tests may be China-only for the forseeable future, though, but given the enormous number of western PUBG players, it would seem foolish for Tencent to miss out on the opportunity to sell this internationally.

Original Story, November 23rd:Not content with their already-significant roster of battle-royale games, Tencent are publishing another. Europa is a free-to-play battle-royale style game being developed for PC.

Currently, a look at Europa’s Steam page suggests the game is being developed with a Chinese market in mind, as descriptions for the game are all in Chinese and other languages are apparently not supported. It’s already strange that Tencent would release its games through Valve’s platform, as they launched their own gaming platform, WeGame, back in September.

A translation of the game’s description says that Europa is “a web-based multiplayer shooting game using cutting-edge virtual reality technology. The first stage of the game modeled a huge, isolated island, capable of hosting nearly 100 players.” According to a tweet from industry analyst Daniel Ahmed, Europa is being developed in Tencent’s own Quicksilver X engine.

While Tencent themselves haven’t described Europa as a battle-royale game, Ahmed claims, as well as the game’s Steam tags – Massively Multiplayer, Action, Shooter, and Survival – do point towards the genre. There’s not much to go on with regards to the game itself, but it looks to be set in a large open world, with the possibility to head out to sea by boat, or even underwater with scuba kits.

The description goes on to reference the game’s place as part of “the new generation of esports,” suggesting plans to develop a competitive scene around the game.

The Chinese company already owns two mobile battle-royale games, and is set to publish PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in China following a partnership with Bluehole. That means Europa will be the fourth battle royale game to join the company’s roster, after Honor of Kings, King of Glory, and PUBG.