CCP promise less hype and more substance: “Frankly we’re going to talk a little less”

Dust 514

Eve: Online is a decade young, and past Fanfests have found CCP vocally confident about their plans for the next 10 years. But public planning leads inevitably to disappointment, and Icelandic CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson has lately instilled a new company philosophy: keep schtum until there’s something to talk about.

In his Fanfest keynote this afternoon, Veigar Pétursson told his audience that CCP had indulged in “manifest destiny” in the past – speaking about distant Eve features as if their implementation and success were inevitable.

CCP has been guilty of “selling and talking about a vision, and then we don’t deliver,” said Veigar Pétursson. “We’ve gone into talking way too much about the vision and not enough about the product delivery.

“We’re definitely going to calm down a lot [with] standing on this glossy stage with Powerpoints,” he added, to applause. “Frankly we’re going to talk a little less.”

Instead, the CEO hopes to replicate the success of Eve: Valkyrie by making four early VR prototypes from CCP available to play at Fanfest and collecting feedback. That’s in stark contrast to the announcement of the mostly-complete Dust 514, which involved lots of Powerpoint presentations.

Elsewhere in his keynote, Veigar Pétursson admitted a “lack of discipline to make decisions” at CCP.

“Sure, it’s extremely difficult when it comes to things like World of Darkness,” he said.” But we need to be more efficient.”

Did any of you lot ever get into Dust?