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Eve’s free-to-play rebirth now has a trailer ahead of November 15 launch

EVE Online NPE

EVE Online is preparing to welcome an influx of new meat for corporations to chew up and turn into ISK as the game becomes free to play on November 15, and now there’s a sweet new trailer to entice recruits in.

Of course, there are other incredible space games for PC. But not all of them are free, now, are they?

Just in time to boost earnings for the third quarter of this fiscal space year, the infamous space-based economy MMO is chomping at the bit to get a fresh delivery of unwitting pilots ready to bolster the ranks of each in-game faction.

Sure, the trailer talks about exploring and fighting and having something called “fun”, but in reality everyone already in the game wants to turn your fleshy corporeal form into liquid money, so if you are dipping in for the first time do seek out some help before you become a statistic. Well, you’ll still be a statistic, everyone is a statistic in space.

You can see the trailer below, where you may recognise some familiar words in the first review pullquote. Not that we were looking or anything. It’s maybe not quite as good as the This Is EVE trailer from way back when, or even the This Is Really EVE parody which quickly followed, but you’ll need a certain level of inner-EVE meme experience to fully appreciate that one.