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Eve Online takes the fight to gambling sites before going free-to-play

Eve Online Ascension

Not content with letting Valve be the only gaming company tackling in-game item gambling economies, CCP has called time on EVE Online’s third-party casinos, shutting two down.

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The updated license agreement for the space-faring economy simulator initially wrangles itself to allow for the upcoming free version of EVE to garner more players, but also slides the knife in on more dubious uses of game assets.

Well, it’s quite an obvious change when you read thelicense agreement changes, given it’s in bold and in red and says: “You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.” Pretty clear cut, to be honest.

As a result CCP has already taken action against two of the larger sites offering games of chance; IWANTISK and EVE Casino, the former after “extensive and exhaustive investigation has brought forward compelling evidence of large-scale Real Money Trading”.

All currently held items and currency (ISK) in the two sites have been confiscated as well as those involved facing permanent suspensions from the game. Sadly, if your money was tied up in either of those then don’t expect it back.

“CCP will not be issuing reimbursements based on outstanding ISK or asset balances with either of the above mentioned organizations that have been subject to account action and/or ISK and asset confiscation,” the company stated in the announcement.

CCP also gave a November 8 deadline for all other sites to follow suit before EVE Online: Ascension and a fresh influx of users arrive.

“Our security team will be closely monitoring all these in game entities to ensure that no illicit behavior occurs, and that any movement of in game assets and currency remains in line with our current EULA and Terms of Service.”

Remember: the feds are watching.