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This fully interactive Eve galaxy map shows kills in real-time

EVE killmap

I’ve never found the time to jump in, but Eve is a fascinating thing. I love reading stories about its player-driven wars and weird economic quirks. This latest find is just as intriguing. 

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Zkillboard is an interactive heat map of all the kills in Eve, generated in real-time. New kills are displayed with a red circle, which slowly shrinks and changes colour until it joins all the other stars, like gravestones in the void.

You can zoom in and out. You can check out New Eden, Wormholes, Hisec, Lowsec, and Null.

As each kill happens, a player icon pops up in the top left corner, and you can click on them and look at their stats. Head to the ‘losses’ section and you can even see who landed the killing blow.

Check Zkillboard out here.