Eve Online goes into Abyssal Deadspace with a new expansion launching this May

eve online into the abyss release date

At the keynote for Eve Fanfest 2018, CCP took to the stage to announce the space MMO’s newest expansion. Called Into the Abyss, it introduces a new faction and some dangerous new encounters deep within the Abyss. The expansion is set to launch on May 29.

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The new faction is the Triglavian Collective, a group of humans who’ve developed in isolation to become dangerous and unpredictable enemies. Solo ships can travel into Abyssal Deadspace to fight the Triglavian faction.

You access the Deadspace not through a static gate, but an Abyssal filament – an item which can be traded with other players. Filaments leading to deeper pockets will be especially valuable. The pockets you open are subject to an inevitable collapse, so piracy-minded players can wait outside for your return.

Abyssal Deadspace is filled with both enemies and storms, including both Triglavians and Drifters which you’ll have to fight past in order to get to mutoplasmids for buffs to your modules. Skills and blueprints will let you build and fly your own Triglavian ships. Those new ships include the Demavik frigate, Vedmak cruiser, and Leshak Battleship.

You can also take advantage of the new entropic disintegrator weapon system, which shares its core DNA with turrets – using the same skill set – but these weapons increase in power as you concentrate fire on a single target. That brings damage to a cap 50% higher than the original base, and the disintegrators have no falloff range.

Look for more details on Into the Abyss soon.