EVE Online player loses ship with $1,500 of PLEX inside; not a single PLEX survives


Earlier this afternoon, an EVE Online player transporting 84 in-game time cards, known as PLEX, was gunned down outside of the main trading hub of Jita. With PLEX being slightly higher than the price of a subscription, the bounty of the cargo was an estimated $1,500.

Unfortunately for the pilot that claimed the bountiful kill, not a single PLEX survived the ships destruction – it was all vapourised. Ouch.

At 15:36 today, pilot Ozuwara Ozuwara undocked from EVE Online’s most popular trading hubs, Jita. Flying in just a Caldari rookie ship known as an Ibis, which is given to any player without a ship at a station, Ozuwara was carrying one of the most valuable commodities of New Eden: PLEX.

PLEX, short for Pilot License Extension, is an in-game time card – adding 30 days to an accounts game time – that can be sold and traded between players. To obtain PLEX in the first place, players must first buy it from either CCP directly, or authorised third-party resellers. With the price slightly above the price of a months subscription, it is usually used as a way to convert real money, into the game’s currency: ISK. At the time of writing, a single PLEX goes for roughly 800 million ISK.

EVE Online PLEX Cargo

Why this pilot was trying to haul over 70 billion ISK worth of cargo is unknown. They may of been trying to get into the more lucrative market of low and nullsec, which is usually far away from any big trading hub. But most sensible pilots would have an alt stationed at a trading hub to purchase these very sort of items.

Nevertheless, another pilot by the name of Diorden. either with keen instincts or a cargo scanner, shot down Ozuwara. But before they could finish daydreaming about all the money they would be about to inherit, the remains of the ship showed no signs of loot. It had all been vapourised.

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At today’s PLEX prices, the total amount in real money equates to $1,500. To put that in perspective within EVE Online, a Titan – the biggest ships in the game – are worth approximately $4,000. The best part is that because the PLEX, which must of originated from a real money purchase from either CCP or a third-party reseller, is now permanently space dust – CCP were ultimately handed that cash, for free.

Merry Christmas.