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EVE Online’s Mosaic update has activated, a universe of open-ended opportunities awaits

EVE Online Mosaic

CCP has updated EVE Online with the Mosaic release, adding a number of new changes to the persistent universe. Notable additions include a huge variety of paint job patterns for ships to help customise and stand out among the crowds of identical cruisers, and a new open-ended opportunities system to aid new players discovering EVE’s universe.

Of the many changes, the key ones are:

  • Permanent ship skins with over 100 gorgeous patterns give players a new way to customize their EVE Online experience
  • A new, more open-ended opportunities system for new players to discover the universe
  • Cruiser-sized burner missions offer serious PvE challenges to those daring enough to accept
  • New assembly effects for structures in space
  • Balancing to nullsec and lowsec ores
  • New forcefield efffects for control towers
  • Tech 3 destroyer rebalance
  • Improved corporate role management interface
  • Two-factor authentication for account security
  • Nullsec infrastructure improvements
  • Balancing of battlecruiser warp speeds
  • Updates to the sensor overlay

A more visual representation of the changes can be found at CCP’s new EVE Updates website, which will continue to add new sections as EVE receives more updates.

The full, nitty-gritty patch notes are as follows:



  • Cider Upgrade for Mac Clients
  • New anchor and unanchor effects for deployable structures
  • V3 Asset Updates for all Player Owned Starbase (POS) structures
  • New POS Force Field Effect
  • Damage Control Icon redesign


  • FR: “Vagabonds” has been changed back to “Drifters”
  • FR: Talwar and Onyx bonuses have been updated in ISIS
  • FR, DE & RU: defect fixes and terminology issues resolved


  • The penalty for fitting warp rigs has been changed from CPU capacity to signature radius
  • The Entosis Link can now be manufactured


  • Corporation adverts can now specify minimum skill points.
  • The basic tutorial (up to Career agents) has been completely removed and replaced with the Opportunities system. For more information please read this Dev Blog.
  • This includes tutorial pop up windows that occurred during the career agents missions
  • Opportunities content will be enabled for all players including veteran players
  • The Opportunity system includes a number of tasks that can be undertaken in any order at any time
  • Opportunities can be viewed and navigated via the Opportunities map, accessible via a button on the Neocom
  • The Opportunities panel is available by default as part of the Info Panels to the left of the screen

Missions & NPCs:

  • Two new Level 4 Burner Missions have been added. These missions allow certain medium sized ships entry and are completely optional, with no penalty for declining

Science & Industry:

  • The Zydrine and Megacyte consumption of almost all blueprints have been doubled.
  • The compositions of several ore variations have been adjusted. Their new values are:



Tritanium: 22000

Mexallon: 2500

Megacyte: 320



Pyerite: 12000

Zydrine: 450

Megacyte: 100



Tritanium: 21000

Nocxium: 760

Zydrine: 135


Dark Ochre:

Tritanium: 10000

Isogen: 1600

Nocxium: 120



Pyerite: 2200

Mexallon: 2400

Isogen: 300



Tritanium: 56000

Pyerite: 12050

Mexallon: 2100

Isogen: 450



Morphite: 300



Pyerite: 1000

Isogen: 200

Nocxium: 100

Zydrine: 19



Tritanium: 2200

Isogen: 100

Nocxium: 120

Zydrine: 15



Mexallon: 350

Nocxium: 75

Zydrine: 8


The ore compositions of the Mining Anomalies generated by the Ore Prospecting Array upgrade have been adjusted to better reflect average mineral usage in industry.


The Confessor and Svipul Tactical Destroyers have been rebalanced and their build components have been adjusted.


New Role Bonus: +50% Small Energy Turret Damage

Highslots: 6 (-1)

Turrets: 4 (-2)

Powergrid: 62 (-18)

CPU: 180 (-10)

Max Velocity: 235 (-45)

Mass: 2,000,000kg (-400,000)

Inertia: 2.7 (+0.55)

Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)

Capacitor Recharge Time: 320s (+20s)



New Role Bonus: +50% Small Projectile Turret Damage

Highslots: 6 (-1)

Turrets: 4 (-2)

Powergrid: 59 (-19)

CPU: 205 (-10)

Max Velocity: 230 (-60)

Mass: 1,500,000 (-400,000)

Inertia: 3.5 (+0.85)

Shield Recharge Time: 800s (+175s)

Capacitor Recharge Time: 240s (+15s)

  • Material Requirements have been changed: +1 to each of Electromechanical Interface Nexus, Fullerene Intercalated Sheets, Optimized Nano-engines, Reconfigured Subspace Calibrator, Self-Assembling Nanolattice, Warfare Computation Core
  • Battlecruiser and Command Ship warp speed and acceleration have been increased by approximately 8%

Structures & Deployables:

  • The volume of Infrastructure Hubs and Infrastructure Upgrades have been reduced:
  • Infrastructure Hubs: 60,000 m3
  • Military/Industrial upgrades: From 5,000 m3 to 60,000 m3 (depending on the level)
  • Strategic Upgrades: 200,000 m3
  • Infrastructure Upgrades may now be manufactured from blueprints.
  • Structures may now be deployed to space from ship Fleet Hangars
  • The rate at which mining accumulates Sovereignty Industrial Index points has been greatly increased
  • The rate at which killing NPCs accumulates Sovereignty Military Index points has been greatly increased

User Interface:

  • Added Opportunities button to Neocom menu.
  • Fittings dropped into market quickbar will now include numbers for quantity of each module.
  • New Map: added factional warfare and sovereignty color filters.
  • New Map: double-clicking map header will now toggle full screen mode.
  • New Map: added functionality for location names to be drag dropped from dropdown lists inside the map.
  • New Map: added ‘Recent’ filters to top of filter menu.
  • New Map: Probing – added double click on probe result to focus map.
  • Skill queues can now be imported from clipboard.
  • Added tooltip to custom probe formation button in probing window.
  • Fitting window will remain open during docking and undocking
  • Top level icons for Control Tower, Storage Group, and Starbases have been updated in the inventory window
  • The notification coming up when unanchoring Personal Hangar Arrays should now properly mention this action will also delete items belonging to other corporation members housed inside the structure.
  • Sensor Overlay graphics updated.
  • Sensor Overlay only does a 360° sweep when first entering a solar system and no longer repeats.
  • When the Sensor Overlay is turned off nothing will appear in the space scene and the compass becomes more transparent.
  • Role management UI has been restructured. More information can be found in this dev blog.
  • (Added April 28) Titles are no longer publicly displayed in the “Show Info” window of a character, allowing corps to use them without leaking sensitive data.
  • SKINs (Super Kerr-Induced Nano-coating) System:
  • The Ship Paint Pilot Program is being superseded by the new SKIN system, which adds licenses for a ship that can be applied to the character.
  • A new tab has been added to the Character Sheet that lists all available SKINs and which are active for the character.
  • Ship preview window has a left-side panel with all available SKINs for the given ship and allows the player to preview the SKIN.
  • Applied SKINs are saved per ship, so each ship of the same type that a player boards will activate his active SKIN license.
  • A new option has been added under the Display & Graphics > Effects section that allows you to disable SKIN effects from other ships in Space.
  • A new Skin tab has been added to the ship’s Show Info window showing all available Skins for that ship.
  • Fitting Window has a new left-hand panel with a list of all SKINs that are available for the active ship. Player can apply and preview Skins in his active ship.
  • Current Ship Paint Pilot Program ships will be converted to a SKIN license and a base ship of the same type.
  • The fitting window and preview window have an easy access to the NES store to purchase SKINs.
  • More information about the feature and the conversion can be found in this dev blog.




  • Standard containers in space are now also cleaned up during some downtimes, same as other space junk.
  • Fixed corporation ad searching not showing ads from the largest corps in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking + show info on any recruiter in recruitment ads with multiple recruiters always showed the info for the last recruiter
  • Fixed an issue where non-double clicks could be incorrectly interpreted as move commands.
  • Fixed an issue causing inconsistencies in combat logs.
  • Changed meta level of ‘Plough’ Heavy Capacitor Booster from 7 to 6.
  • Changed Mjolnir Rage blueprint rocket fuel requirement from 8 to 6 as per other rockets.
  • Cynosural fields may no longer be lit within the potential forcefield range of an Anchored, Online or Reinforced starbase, whether the forcefield is active or not.


  • Realigned default camera FOV after pod death
  • Adjusted cloaking effect to work correctly with the new map.
  • Corrected Loyalty Point Store blueprint icons.
  • Resolved an issue whereby resizing 3D Preview windows would break the render and crash Mac clients.
  • Removed scleral discoloration for Low Quality Characters on Mac clients.
  • Fixed CR line breaks incorrectly being interpreted by Mac clients.
  • Prevented Mac client graphical corruption by clamping AntiAliasing to Disabled


  • Fixed station panel button labels appearing incorrectly on localized clients.

Missions & NPCs:

  • A typo in the mission ‘Right to Rule’ has been fixed.
  • A naming error with the Mineral Container item has been fixed
  • A typo in the Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point combat site has been fixed.
  • A grammatical error in the description of Obsidian Ochre has been fixed.
  • A grammatical error in the mission ‘Athran Exigency (1 of 5)’ has been fixed.
  • Long waits in between waves in the combat mission ‘Technological Secrets 1 of 3 ‘ have been lowered.
  • A visual issue during the ‘A Better World’ mining mission has been fixed.
  • A despawning issue with the ‘Minmatar Contracted Bio-Farm’ combat site has been fixed.
  • Some objects that caused collision issues within the combat site ‘Serpentis Watch’ have been repositioned.
  • A despawning issue with the ‘Serpentis Drug Outlet’ combat site has been fixed.
  • A completion issue with the Minmatar epic arc mission ‘Heresiology’ has been fixed.
  • Missing icons on the warp in messages for ‘Rich’ and ‘Potent’ mining sites have been reintroduced.
  • Prospect frigates can now enter the Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation and Chemical Yard sites.
  • Lime Cytoserocin damage clouds are now correctly named.


  • Fixed text errors in the following missions: A Greener World, Honor, A Better World.
  • Fixed local chat channel member list sometimes not properly updating colortags that have expired.
  • Drifter and Circadian Seeker loot table re-balance
  • Further iteration on NPC AI behaviours

Science & Industry:

  • Prospect blueprint copies are correctly show now a Tech 2 meta level.

Corporations and Alliances:

  • Adding a clearer error message when attempting to withdraw a character’s application to a corporation that has been closed.
  • Fixed an issue where a new corporation member could be added to the member list three times.

User Interface:

  • New map: the “Pirate and Police…” filter now properly shows numerical data upon hover over.
  • New map: fixed the avoidance systems filter not updating without closing and reopening map.
  • New map: fixed an issue which could cause the map (in windowed mode) to stick to the cursor.
  • New Map: the map will now properly remember its position and angle after being closed and reopened.
  • New Map: changed it so that the Neocom is not displaced when map is docked to the same side as the Neocom.
  • New Map: Fixed incorrect appearance of some jump bridge lines
  • New map: the map now remembers if you are in a wormhole when reopened.
  • Fixed the autocomplete dropdown menu breaking in the ‘Save Location’ window.
  • Fixed corporation advertisement windows breaking when resized.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the station panel to disappear.
  • Changed planet density units in show info window from g/cm3 to kg/m3.
  • Added missing traits description for Revenant: “this ship class is only capable of carrying fighters and fighter bombers in its drone bay”.
  • Added ‘Open’ to radial menu for freight containers in space.
  • Loading bar fills correctly with UI scaling
  • Team notifications have been removed from the Notifications Settings
  • Module icons will no longer periodically appear over the 3D preview in the Industry window
  • Item Filter window no longer has the Filter name field populated with the text, window, by default
  • Bottom segment of Factional Warfare window is now properly aligned with the rest of the window
  • Tech II transverse bulkhead blueprints are now properly filtered by tech II inventory filters
  • Used with tab no longer shows incompatible charges
  • Elite Drone AI is now available on the Market under Materials > Faction Materials > Rogue Drones category
  • Time Dilation no longer causes info panels to be delayed when opening
  • Attempting to minimize the chat window while loading into the game will no longer break the minimize button
  • Jump Fatigue and aggression timers no longer have artifacts in the icons
  • Ascendancy implants and polarized weapons are now properly sorted by tech levels when using custom made filters.
  • Fix for Elite Drone AI not sorted into the proper group in the Industry UI
  • Mastery skill counter no longer disappears after expanding and collapsing the window
  • The HUD is no longer hidden or moved when controlling POS weapons. The ship modules are still replaced.
  • Bookmark sensor overlay visibility icon in People & Places now correctly reflects the selected status
  • Fixed tooltip formatting for CPU and powergrid in fitting window.
  • Fixed tax information being displayed in the wrong position for customs offices

That’s it! You can check the Eve Online system requirements over at PCGamebenchmark.