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Eve Online turns 13, unlocks free weekend on Steam to celebrate

Eve Online

When you turn a year older, it’s typically the job of your friends to rally round you and serve up a present or two. Eve Online has decided to flip such traditions on their head, however, and it’s developer CCP Games that’s offering up a gift to gamers – specifically those who have never set foot on New Eden before.

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This weekend marks 13 years since the Tranquility Server first came online and welcomed players from North America and the UK into its universe and, as any eagle eyed Steam users out there will be aware, Eve Online is free on the platform until 1pm Pacific Time on May 8 both to celebrate said anniversary and welcome new players to the game’s Citadel expansion pack. That’s 4pm Eastern Time, or 9pm you’re in the UK.

“Another year has come and gone for New Eden, with today marking the thirteenth anniversary of the release of EVE Online,” detailed Eve’s community manager, CCP Falcon, of the so-named Capsuleer Day on the game’s website.

“For over a decade now, time and time again our community has completely destroyed the assumptions and expectations of what a massively multiplayer game should be. Year on year the pilots who inhabit this incredible universe that we’ve all created together have continued to tread new ground, creating incredible player driver narratives, new challenges for CCP as developers, and some of the largest conflicts, wars and propaganda campaigns ever seen in gaming, along with amazing player created software, spectacular Eve videos and amazing support networks such as Broadcast 4 Reps.”

Eve Online’s executive producer Andie Nordgen, better known as CCP Seagull, has also taken to YouTube to mark the occasion, noting that gamers taking advantage of Eve’s free weekend on Steam are joining the action at “such an exciting time”.

Last month saw Eve Online attract thousands of gamers toReykjavik in Iceland for this year’s Fanfest celebration, featuring three days packed of presentations, roundtables and (apparently) a whole lot of drinking.