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Eve Online boss thinks we’re overestimating VR: “it’s not going to be big”

Eve: Valkyrie

CCP Games are hard at work on one of VR gamings most exciting projects: EVE Valkyrie. But despite it proving to be quite something, head honchos at CCP don’t believe that VR is going to skyrocket like some of us expect. The studio’s chief executive officer Hilmar Veigar Pétursson was talking at a panel at SlushPlay in Iceland recently, where he explained that we shouldn’t expect VR to be big anytime soon.

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“People tend to overestimate what we will accomplish in five years,” said Pétursson. “But they tend to underestimate where we’ll be in 10 years.”

“3D cards took six years to catch on, and phones took 10 years,” said Pétursson. “I used to go to GDC, and they would say that mobile phones are the future, and it was nothing. Ringtones were a bigger business than games back then.”

“And we sit here and say VR is going to be big next year, and it’s not going to be big.”

It seems like Pétursson has a very grounded expectation for the growth of VR. Whilst he doesn’t discount that the platform could grow into a very large one, he understands that expecting VR to be massively adopted as it takes its first steps into the sunlight is ridiculous. As exciting as many of us may find it, there will still be people opposed to wearing goggles, those who think it’s a 3D-like fad, and even more who will simply be put off by the price. In a decade though? Who knows. 

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MancVanDaL avatarsubedii avatarBelimawr avatarhuldu avatarGrannyGroper avatarAever avatar
Belimawr Avatar
2 Years ago

I fall into the group that won't wear goggles/glasses to play a game, while it may not die I can't see it become more than something for the very top end who must have everything.


so while VR may hang around I can't honestly see it becoming big anytime soon, due to a mix of price and people not wanting to strap half a brick to their face to play games.

Aever Avatar
2 Years ago

Yep, true. It may become big at some point, when all its issues are fixed, but for now it's something for the enthusiasts. Also, VR support has become another check box to tick for new games to get on the hype bandwagon.

MancVanDaL Avatar
2 Years ago

Can you ask him for next weeks lottery numbers for me please ...

huldu Avatar
2 Years ago

They had these vr glasses back in the 90's too, ye that failed as well. They weren't that much bigger but people just don't want to wear them in the long run. The biggest problem however will always be the games, they have to support them properly or it'll just be very awkward. I remember them playing doom(1, back in the 90's) using the VR glasses, while it looked okay, nothing special. Obviously graphics are way better these days so that's the only thing going for the glasses. If it's enough only time will tell.

subedii Avatar
2 Years ago

It's a fair point. Really at the start, VR is going to be crazy expensive and only really for early adopters. And even then, it'll probably be a while and take more figuring out before it REALLY starts seeing the kinds of exclusives that sell a platform.

GrannyGroper Avatar
2 Years ago

Totally see his point., however i do think it will make it big in certan types of games. After extensively playing with the Oculus DK2, i see honestly no reason why horror games shouldn't embrace this technology, it just adds to every aspect that makes horror games great.