Eve: Valkyrie – Warzone trailer breaks down all the ships in its nimble assault class

eve valkyrie warzone class guide assault

Ahead of the launch of Eve: Valkyrie – Warzone, the non-VR version of the CCP’s space dogfighter, the studio is producing a series of guide videos to walk us through each of the different classes of ship. The first of these is about the assault class, which was formerly known as the fighter class.

The assault class ships are the easiest to dive into and start shooting holes into other players. They’re light, quick, and packed with weapons. Unlike the support and heavy ships, which are about augmenting a team, the assault shipsare the bread and butter of a wing.

You can see them in action in the trailer below:

The video goes through the Wraith Mark VI, the fighter that comes with assault cannons, homing missiles, chaff, and a Mjolnirmissile that will blast through shields and armour.

The Jackal is for getting the kill at close range. It’s armed with a five-shot burst cannon, the ripper; a powerful two-shot secondary weapon; the ability to instantly regenerate your shield; and an ultimate that gives you unlimited boost for a short while so you can get in nice and close to your enemy.

The Strix is for the sharpshooters out there, armed with an accurate, high damage, but single-shot pulse laser. Its secondary is a pod of handy homing missiles. For an ultimate, you get a brief period of unlimited primary fire. The Strix’s defensive move is a dash ability that let it hop into or out of a fight.

The Yurei has a plasma cannon as its primary weapon, that can be buffed with the ship’s ultimate ability, increasing its damage. Its secondary weapon is a triple missile launcher, which should prove to be a decent fallback. Like the Wraith, it can lay chaff as its defensive fallback.

Eve: Valkyrie – Warzone will be out on September 26th.