Eve: Valkyrie’s free Gatecrash update adds an icy new map, pilot customisation and more

EVE: Valkyrie Gatecrash

CCP are releasing the free Gatecrash expansion for Eve: Valkyrie this week, delivering a new frozen map that has players dogfighting in an arctic nebula, as well as adding pilot customisation. 

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Central to the Eve: Valkyrie Gatecrash update is the new multiplayer map, Gateway, which has players weaving around a frozen asteroid field and ducking in and out of a giant structure, zipping between scaffolding and chasing other pilots via risky manoeuvres. You can also warp from one side of the map to the other to flee a pursuer.

In addition, the new pilot customisation system allows players to personalise their appearance by choosing from thousands of combinations of helmets, flight jackets and more, all using the in-game currency.

Watch CCP talk you through the update during the recent PlayStation Experience.

This cross-platform update will be free to all owners of Eve: Valkyrie on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on December 7.