Loot boxes are coming to Eve Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie

Eve Valkyrie is getting a new reward system. In an interview with Andy Willans, Valkyrie’s lead game designer, we’re told that the new ‘reward capsules’ are pretty much everything you’d expect from loot boxes if you’re familiar with any game from League of Legends to PUBG.

Assuming you’ve got the money to get hold of a headset, EVE Valkyrie is one of the best VR games.

The system does seem to be pretty standard lootbox fare. Rewards come based on how often you win, but on average you should be getting them after about one in every two battles.

You’ll gradually fill a progress bar during every battle and when it’s full you get your reward. Better players should fill their bars slightly faster, with players who aren’t performing as well getting their rewards slightly less often than average, but Willans does make it sound as though these variations are pretty minimal.

When you open your capsule, you’ll get between two and four items as part of your reward. This will include customisation options for your ship or your pilot, XP boosts, and currency. Everything comes in degrees of rarity, too, from Common to Rare to Epic.

As well as integrating the lootboxes as a reward for playing matches, CCP are using the system to try to improve the Valkyrie experience for new players. Willans says that the team didn’t manage the games “onboarding system” particularly well, but that completing modules in the new Flight School tutorial will reward you with a capsule to help encourage new players to learn the game.