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Gigantic, classic MMO game launches free FPS spinoff

The monumental and long-running MMO EVE Online launches sandbox FPS spinoff Vanguard with a free event, available ahead of EVE Online Havoc.

EVE Vanguard release: A robotic person from MMORPG game EVE Online

EVE Online is about as big, deep, and complex as MMOs can get. A vast space sim with its own factions, economy, history, and player-governed society, since 2003, EVE Online has represented the most dedicated and hardcore type of online RPG – if you like Star Citizen and Stellaris, and you haven’t tried it yet, EVE is definitely for you. And now’s the perfect time to get involved. Whether you’re a lifetime player or a total newcomer, EVE Vanguard, the new, FPS spinoff from Online proper has just launched, and is now available to play for free. Arriving just before the next EVE Online patch, better known as Havoc, Vanguard is shaping up as the perfect complement to the MMO proper.

EVE Online recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, with CCP Games rolling out a variety of new material, updates, and expansions to mark a full two decades of one of the best MMORPGs ever. EVE Vanguard is likely the most significant, a whole new way to experience New Eden that combines cast-iron FPS mechanics with sandbox style and design. Playing as the eponymous, enigmatic Vanguard, you deploy onto increasingly hazardous planets to recover resources that will fuel the wider EVE Online economy. Everything earned and lost in Vanguard will have an effect on the broader EVE world, tying the MMO and its FPS cousin closely together.

EVE Vanguard opens with First Strike, a limited-time event that lets you try out the new shooter for free. Running from Thursday, December 7 to Monday, December 11, you’ll need an active Omega account to access Vanguard. After that, just select the Vanguard character profile from the EVE Online launcher. But remember, this is just the start. EVE Online game director Snorri Árnason says there is a lot more to come.

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“With EVE Vanguard, our goal is to deliver a sandbox shooter that innovates while staying true to its EVE identity,” Árnason says. “What you see in First Strike are its foundations. Much like with EVE, what players see today is not how EVE Vanguard will be in six months, let alone six years. Right now, our focus is on building tight, satisfying combat at the core of our open-ended FPS experience. We will then expand upon that by adding layers of depth to EVE Vanguard over time with new gameplay features, systems, content, and interoperability with EVE Online.”

After the First Strike event ends, on Tuesday, December 12, CCP launches the new EVE Online patch, Havoc. Havoc will introduce the large-scale Ice Refinery Heist, as well as the new AIR daily goals, which replace and upgrade the existing daily challenges system. Daily goals will offer players different types of tasks, ranging from PvE or PvP combat, to industry work or exploration.

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