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Avert your eyes: EVE Online is getting new solar flares in Kronos patch

EVE Online Kronos

EVE Online’s Kronos update is due to land tomorrow, and CCP have released the patch notes to go with it. Notable additions include a new line of Mordu’s Legion ships (pictured above), solar flare effects, new audio customisation effects and many quality of life changes.

The star of the update are the new Mordu’s Legion ships. The faction derives their ship design from both the Caldari and the Gallente Federation, resulting in ships that specialise in huge missile artillery while retaining heavy armour and electrical warfare capabilities. Players can hunt down new Mordu’s Legion patrols in low-sec asteroid belts for a 100% chance of obtaining blueprints for the new ships.

The existing sun flares are also receiving an update to make travelling New Eden even more satisfying. There are thirteen different variations and you can check them all out here. They’re rather pretty.

Pilots will also be able to change the sound levels of everything in the game, right down to individual warning systems.

The patch is 1.2GB in size and will be available to download tomorrow. Check out this video detailing all the new ships and redesigns below: