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Dust 514 to adopt faster, PC-like update schedule; Planetary Conquest will be “getting a lot of love”


After chewing up and carefully swallowing some of the more sharply pointed feedback on their PlayStation FPS, CCP are planning to speed up their update cycle. They’ll now release patches on a near-monthly basis, something they note to be “unique in the console space”.

The developers say that the shift is only possible because Sony are willing to “evolve” their submission processes to suit free-to-play massively multiplayer games – a wise move in a sphere where slow-burn, rapidly-iterated PC hits like LoL and World of Tanks remain an impossibility.

The next few of these speedier updates will see CCP focus on polishing Dust’s core systems – aiming and aim assist, controls, vehicle handling and movement on the battlefield. Beyond that, they’ll be working on “context and immersion”, which seems to encompass everything from menu neatening to a new welcome screen.

Encouragingly, CCP have also pledged renewed efforts to improve Planetary Conquest, the bridge by which Dust crosses over into Eve. The system allows inter-game player corporations to own and seize districts on existing planets within New Eden. After Dust’s next update, detailed on the official CCP site, corp officers will be able to remove teammates from Conquest battles in the war barge. What’s more, districts conquered by new owners will be unlocked automatically.

Have any of you Eve lot experimented with Planetary Conquest much yet?