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Dust 514 could be "coming out next month"

In an interview with Fox Business, the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton might have made a bit of a faus pax, letting something slip that perhaps should have stayed unslippen. While talking about how the Playstation 3 is gearing up for a wave of free to play games, he mentioned Dust 514 in passing. Specifically a release date next month.

“A game called Dust 514 is a full-blown first-person shooter available on Playstation 3 that not only allows you to play against your friends on PS3," Tretton dutifully informed, "but also against people on the PC.” But when one of the assembled asked him to clarify on the name, he stated that yes, it was 'Dust', not 'Dusk', before following it up with “coming out next month”, which would place Dust 514's release date in October. 
Dust 514 has been in beta since the end of June. More recently its servers have effectively merged with those of EVE Online, enabling PS3 mercs to call down orbital fire support in real-time from space-pilots of the PC MMO. An October release for Dust 514 wouldn’t be all that far fetched then, especially as the game will continue to be developed post-launch.
We’ve reached out to CCP for confirmation, and will update the story with any statement. 
Thanks IGN.

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