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Dust 514 E3 trailer seeks to introduce new players to New Eden


I think you have to be a bit careful about how you explain the concept of Dust 514. If you start big, you wind up saying something like: “In Eve, you can wield genuine power over other players and order specs of dust about on the surface of insignificant planets. In Dust, you are that spec. Oh, you’ve gone.”

That’s presumably why the new CCP trailer starts small, with potshots and armour customisation, before pulling back the curtain to reveal the wonders of a foreign universe run by players.

Fight Your Own War is a curious sort of slogan; as a mercenary, you’ll do precisely the opposite. Fight A War Given Meaning by the Whims of Real Players would have fit the bill better.

Anyway, nevermind all this. When’s Dust coming to PC, CCP?