DUST 514 players able to join EVE corporations after major update


EVE’s history is one of intergalactic wars, diplomacy, in-fighting, and the wholse sort of general mish mash of humanity. It’s all possible because of the corporation system. It lets people influence the universe through the weight of numbers. So it’s very big news that an update to the closed beta of DUST 514 – the FPS set within EVE Online’s single universe – will allow DUST players to form their own corporations and join those already in existence.

Details of their limits and powers below.

So, lovingly copied from the Playstation blog, here are the planned features for the DUST update:

  • You can join any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514
  • There will be a dedicated Corporation chat channel
  • You can be a CEO or director of any Corporation in EVE Online or DUST 514
  • You can create a corporation, design its logo, assign roles, accept and take part in corporation battles (there will be another dev blog about this topic)
  • You can accept members from both EVE Online and DUST 514
  • You can now create social bonds (or vendettas) that last
  • You will see EVE Online players’ character names and portraits and vice versa
  • Strategise and fight together in real-time

Sony didn’t provide a release window, only that these features are coming in “the next major update”.

DUST is an odd game, its success lies with the interaction between EVE players and its own. If the EVE community decide they don’t like the game they’re very capable of making the Playstation players miserable – orbital bombardments and the like. It will be very interesting to see what sort of interactions between the two communities happen over the next year.

Would you like to know more?(Because Joe spoke with the fellows over at CCP about how DUST will impact the EVE world, and vice versa.)