EVE Alliance Tournament XI finals live on Twitch 3-4 August


The Eve Online Alliance Tournament XI is coming to a close, and the final showdown will be happening this weekend, 3-4 August. 

Saturday will see a grudge match occur between former champions Pandemic Legion and their competition Hydra Reloaded in winners bracket BO3. You’ll be able to catch the sure-to-be frantic battle at 17.15 GMT on Saturday 3rd August.

Meanwhile last year’s Alliance Tournament winners Verge of Collapse are stuck in the losers bracket, being just one loss away from being kicked out of the competition. Their last chance for survival starts at 15.15 GMT on Saturday.

You’ll be able to catch both these matches and the Sunday games on the CCP Eve Online Twitch channel. If you’ve missed any matches from the previous two weekends, you can catch up on the Eve Online YouTube channel. Full details of the Alliance Tournament are available at the tournament website.