EVE fanfest tickets sold out; plans to stream event to be announced soon


2013’s EVE fanfest has sold out. No, that doesn’t mean it’s sponsored by MacDonald’s, EA, and The Man, it means it has sold all the available tickets for the event – all 1,400 of them. However, if you were slow off the mark buying a ticket or weren’t going to be able to make it to Reykjavik for the event you needn’t worry, CCP are working on streaming the event’s talks live online for everyone to watch.

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While CCP have yet to announce the streaming plans, if they’re anything like last year then we’ll likely see all the presentations receiving a live stream and then also a repeat later that day for those of us in differenttime zones.

Yeah, this does seem a little stingy on the writing side after I made you jump over the break and all. Have a video:

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