Eve to get new public test server


Following a successful conjoining of Eve with Dust 514 on CCP’s Singularity server over the last week, the developer is moving Eve testing onto their Buckingham server, which will host the very latest Eve code publically.

While Singularity will continue to be used for Dust’s closed beta, Buckingham will be home to new Eve code including back end changes to Factional Warfare, planetary graphics updates, chat refactoring and the early stages of Orbital Strikes.

The server won’t be available to Mac users for the next few days due to issues with the Launcher, but CCP will post info on how to get involved on the Test Server Feedback Forum within the next week.

You can download the full build of Buckingham here. Alternatively, you can copy your Tranquility (TQ) install to a different folder by creating a shortcut to that folder’s launcher. You’ll then want to right click on that shortcut on the desktop, go to ‘Properties’, and under ‘Target’ enter ‘[space] /server:’.

Will you be heading to Buckingham for a practically regalpreview of new Eve features?