EVE Online receives Inferno 1.1 update tomorrow, includes new outfits, shinier ships


EVE Online’s getting a spitshine tomorrow with the Inferno 1.1 update. Among a host of other changes, the entire fleet of Minmatar ships are primed to receive the new V3 shader update, so if you’ve been shamefully pootling about in a grubby Rupture, it’s time to hold your head high. Better yet, CCP are updating the look of the Drake Caldari Battlecruiser, which they’ve showcased in a video that amounts to little more than spaceship porn. It also features that wonderful deepspace engine hum that is as sexy as it is physically impossible.

The update runs a gamut of community-suggested changes to Inferno’s major components, including War Declaration, Unified Inventory and Incursions. Changes are also coming to the Aurum currency system, allowing players to purchase smaller denominations of in-game cash.Check out CCP’s video above explaining the changes being made to Inferno 1.1, it’s something rather special.

Inferno 1.1 also adds new faction uniforms that can be acquired using Loyalty Points, as well as new outfits that can be bought using real money through the NeX store. Though why anybody would want to wear that ghastly urban-camo tanktop on the far right is beyond me. I mean come on now.