Watch this: Eve Online’s ten year anniversary symphony


Eve Online is a majestic creation. Sometimes I just like to float around in space in a small frigate, gaze at distant nebula or visit pretty stars and planets. The sense of scale and awe its universe presents is sometimes overwhelming as you slowly drink in your beautiful surroundings.

The music of Eve Online is the icing on the proverbial cake for me – the game always chooses an appropriate track depending on what you’re doing. If you too love the music, then I’ve got a special treat for you: nearly an hour’s worth of orchestral renditions of the most famous Eve Online music. It’s beautiful.

Here’s the video from EVETV of the ten year anniversary symphony. I’ve skipped the nonsense at the start for your viewing pleasure:

The range of emotions from piece to piece is surprising. Some naturally fill you with the urge to go on an adventure and explore the depths of the universe. My favourite is Shifting the Balance of Power, which reminds of some pretty powerful moments.

In any case I recommend you listen to the entire thing, it’s ace.