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League of Legends competitor rebrands from MOBA to co-op roguelite

Evercore Heroes is back, but now the MOBA and MMO inspired game from Riot, EA, and Rare vets is a three-player co-op roguelite instead.

Evercore Heroes Steam relaunch

Evercore Heroes, the team-based game that blends MOBA gameplay with MMORPG PvE flair from veterans at Riot Games, EA, Rare, and more, is now something wildly different. We’re now looking at a co-op roguelite for up to three players, and it’s coming to Steam this year.

Originally starting out as a sort of MOBA meets MMORPG with PvE combat, developer Vela Games announces today that Evercore Heroes is now something quite different: a three-player team action roguelike game.

There will be a wide roster of over a dozen playable heroes, and players will decide which rewards to go for on each mission. Every map has procedurally placed enemies, new loot, and skill-based challenges. You’ll unlock new heroes, permanent power-ups to change build strategies, and cosmetic rewards between missions.

“Despite some big changes at Vela, our team took that feedback and made an all-new game from the best parts of Evercore Heroes,” Vela Games CEO Travis George says. “We really took it back to its roots, focusing on cooperative action and true teamplay with an exciting roster of heroes, which is the kind of fun multiplayer experience Vela has wanted to bring players from day one.”

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“[Evercore Heroes] is an amalgamation of a lot of things, and that’s why we don’t even try to put a genre label on it; we just describe it as its own thing,” George told us in 2022. “Our goal is really to build something that’s different. We really don’t think of a lot of other games as competition – we’re not out to get anybody! If we could have the level of success of some of those games we’d be delighted, but we’re really just trying to build our own thing on the assumption that we can create a great new experience for players.”

You can wishlist Evercore Heroes on Steam right now, with an early access launch planned for later in 2024.

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