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Everspace has a new expansion with space flamethrowers and a totally metal trailer

everspace encounters expansion

Everspace, the roguelike space shooter with top notch explosions, is about to get a major expansion in the form of Everspace – Encounters, due for release this month. Rockfish Games have also provided a totally metal trailer showing off some hot actions with the new additions, and that flamethrower looks hot.

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The main addition is a new medium fighter ship called the Colonial Sentinel, which features all sorts of rad electronic warfare abilities, like a super-powered shield with double the capacity of the standard model. Plus there are loads of new weapons and devices to help you outfight or outsmart your enemies.

You’ll also see the introduction of new factory space stations adding new mechanics for your journey, including ship repair, resource refinement, or upgrades. You’ll also see several new story characters with new questlines and get the chance to visit the Okkar Homeworld.

Rockfish promise over 10 hours worth of new content, and because of the roguelike nature of Everspace you can start having fun with the new stuff whether or not you’ve finished the main game. The Encounters expansion doesn’t have a specific release date, but the “end of October” window Rockfish have provided means it’s rather soon.