Poke around derelict space stations for ship upgrades with Everspace’s latest update

Everspace v0.4

Along with various balance changes and bug fixes, the version 0.4 update for Everspace adds abandoned colonial space stations for pilots to explore. These cavernous wrecks are home to some seriously powerful ship upgrades, but don’t expect to simply waltz in and then fly out with a cargo bay full of loot.

Captain! There’s a whole fleet of PC space games coming out of hyperspace!

While seemingly devoid of life, these space stations are not without defence systems. You may have fight defence drones, automated turrets, laser barriers and heavy security doors as you explore, so come equipped with your best weaponry before flying into one of these derelicts. These decaying complexes are also victims of plasma discharge, which can send pilots careening into debris so fly safe when entering a space station.

There are great bonuses to be found when exploring these stations, as many hide powerful “sub-routines” which you can plug into your ship when docked at a hangar. They can range from a flat buff to all of your ship’s stats to vastly increasing the power of your radar at the cost of making you easier to spot by enemy vessels.

Version 0.4 finally adds the ability to change the colour of your spaceship, with more colours being awarded through successful combat encounters. You can combine these colour changes with ship decals to really customise the appearance of your prized fighter.

If you bought Everspace via the Windows Store, this update also includes all of the additions that were supposed to be added in version 0.3, but were unfortunately not added on time due to delays in the patch authentication process.

You can read the whole changelog for both version 0.3 and version 0.4 over on the official Everspace website. Mac users will have to wait a little bit longer to download version 0.4 as Rockfish are experiencing some slight technical issues with porting the game over to Unreal Engine 4.14.