Evil Dead: The Game gets new free-roam mode in Army of Darkness DLC

Evil Dead, the multiplayer horror survival game from Saber, gets more weapons, maps, and a free-roam mode courtesy of the new Army of Darkness DLC

Army of Darkness star Bruce Campbell

Evil Dead: The Game has a new free-roam mode, along with extra weapons, maps, and optional skins as the Army of Darkness DLC goes live for the multiplayer horror. We promise to make it through this article without using the word “groovy”.

Based on the 1992 sequel, the one from mediaeval times, where Ash shouts “this is my boomstick!”, the Army of Darkness DLC adds a new location in the form of Castle Kandar, the stone-walled resting place of the dreaded Necronomicon, besieged in the film by the eponymous, undead army. It includes a windmill, an outpost, a fort, and a keep, and is available to play across all Evil Dead’s PvP and PvE game modes.

Speaking of game modes, there’s a new one. Thanks to the Army of Darkness free DLC, if you’re feeling a bit worn out, or like you just want to breathe in a bit of bloodied, gory scenery, you can now partake in a spot of Exploration, a new free-roam mode that lets you explore the game’s locations at your leisure, and maybe have a bit of target-practice on a few AI deadites. Like Creative Assembly’s awesome Alien: Isolation, Evil Dead captures the films’ locations with fanatical detail, and it’ll be nice to look around without worrying about Henrietta or Evil Ash trying to peel off your skull.

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There are also two new weapons, the slow-firing but highly deadly explosive crossbow, and the melee mace, plus some new skins available to buy. Ash sure looked cool in that suit of armour, or perhaps you prefer something more modern, like his uniform from the S-Mart – either one can be yours, sold separately from the free DLC. On top of that, there’s the Mediaeval Bundle, which gives Henry the Red some Scottish-themed threads, and decks the Necromancer demon army out in stylish gold.

The Army of Darkness DLC is available now for free, with the Mediaeval Bundle and the extra Ash skins sold individually. If you want to check out some more groovy (damn it) horror games, we’d recommend any on this list.