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The Evil Within gameplay demo is so grimy you’ll need to take a shower


The Evil Within isn’t the kind of thing we regularly see on the PC. For many years the Resident Evil series was a console-only affair, and this latest project from Shinji Mikami certainly looks like the kind of thing reserved for console. Thankfully Bethesda are publishing, and that means a PC release. Sony have been chatting to Pete Hines at E3 where he’s shown off some actual gameplay footage, and it looks filthy.

Playing as Sebastian – a detective assigned to a murder committed in a mental asylum – you’ll be creeping around the facility’s blood-soaked hallways whilst barely controlling the contents of your bladder. Built on id Tech 5 (also behind Rage and Wolfenstein: The New Order), the game has a really gruesome, grimy aesthetic that seems to call more on the Silent Hill series than Shinji’s more bonkers Resident Evil past. The demo features one of his hallmarks though: yes, guy with a chainsaw is back. But it won’t be just familiar scares, as Hines explains.

“[Shinji Mikami has] got some pretty twisted, warped ideas on how to scare people. That’s one of the things that he’s talked about. What used to scare people back when he created Resident Evil 1 doesn’t really work today” he said. “Things like blood and guts and gore like that kind of stuff is in all kinds of games now, so it doesn’t have the same impact. You’re not scared or frightened by “Oh theres blood” and so now you have to figure out new ways to shake people up. Some of the creations that he’s come up with are going to be introduced along the way so that just when you feel like you’ve wrapped your head around “I can’t possibly see anything more horrifying than that last thing” here comes something else.”

The Evil Within is out next year.

Thanks, VG247