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The Evil Within grisly extended trailer takes you into the asylum’s depths

Evil Within morgue

You can count on Shinji Mikami to make you feel filthy. After watching ten minutes of The Evil Within, I feel like I need a shower. The grimy, atmospheric horror has been on Resident Evil fans radar since its creepy announcement, and now you can watch detective Sebastian Castellanos work his way into the depths of a mental asylum whilst being chased by a man with a chainsaw. Now where did I see that before?

Anyone following The Evil Within’s progress will be rather familiar with the opening of the video, with Sebastian strung up by his ankles in a butchery room. We get to finally see how this pans out, with Sebastian making his escape, and spending much of the trailer stumbling about after having his legs ripped open by previously mentioned chainsaw.

The trailer further reveals other areas, such as the asylum morgue and some Resident Evil 4-style village housing, and demonstrates the combat. Whilst the atmosphere and visual style of the game already look very accomplished, the shooting still looks a little on the clunky side. Whoever is playing the game for the demo also seems to be struggling to blast apart foes with a sluggish controller. Perhaps they should have tried using a mouse instead.

Should you be wanting to endure more of The Evil Within’s dirty tension, you’ll be able to pick up the game sometime next year.