Evolve to get new observer mode in free update; no release date yet though

Evolve Observer MOde

Turtle Rock Studios have revealed that a free update coming to their 4 verus 1 arena shooter, Evolve, will include a new observer mode, allowing for a sixth user to “passively enter a custom game”, while being offered the controls to switch between the hunters and monster and their point of views.

It’ll even some with a cam for Hunter Maggie’s pet Daisy!

Observer mode is coming to server one primary purpose: aiding shoutcasters. “You can now have Custom matches with 1 to 5 players, then add an Observer to your game, using the Hunter/Monster selection screen.” said Turtle Rock on their official website. “Not only can you watch the game as the sixth player, but you can also use Observer mode to livestream these matches with added commentary.”

The controls available to the observer will allow them to shift perspectives of each player on the fly, and also look around in a third-person view. Also, the HUD can be scaled to various levels of minimalism, to either be informative, or give away to any action taking place.

The update has still yet to receive a date, but Turtle Rock will be showing more of the mode at this year’s PAX East.

Thanks VG247!