Evolve trailer shows big men with big guns fighting bigger monsters

Evolve trailer story co-op turtle rock 2k games

For a strictly multiplayer co-op shooter I didn’t figure Evolve to tell much of a story. The latest trailer aims to prove me wrong, there are people talking about how doomed the world is, there’s epic music with gravitas, and asses are mentioned (the Hollywood seal of approval).

I couldn’t escape the feeling that this has been timed and choreographed to hide any monsters and playable hunters the developers still haven’t revealed. The way the ship’s captain blocks the camera while it pans over the assembled crew, how the intelligence report only tells of the monsters shown off in press viewings and previous trailers.

Heck, the PRs are being more cautious about what’s on camera that British porn producers following the newly enforced regulations.

Still, the trailer shows big monsters baring their teeth and flexing their muscles and it’s all exciting to watch.