New horror game from cult FMV TikTok star gets a free demo

Excuse Me Sir is a brand new FMV style horror game from TikToker Molly Moon, the developer of Faith, and even more people from the scene.

Excuse Me Sir demo: a young woman with long black hair stands in a doorway creepily staring at you, close to the camera

Excuse Me Sir is a delightfully weird FMV-style experience from an eclectic bunch, and the new free demo for it is making the rounds online. If you like pixelated horror games like Faith and unnerving situations that slowly unravel in front of your eyes, Excuse Me Sir is worth a go.

If you’re a fan of horror games, then this new trailer and demo are exactly what you’re looking for. Excuse Me Sir is a point-and-click creepy and surreal experience about solving the mystery surrounding your missing brother, and it slowly untangles as you go.

It features content creator Molly Moon, and is a collaboration between them, producer and YouTuber Jesse Cox, Faith developer Airdorf Games, and Dread X Collection developer Torple Dook. You can get a look at the first trailer below.

YouTube Thumbnail

While Airdorf Games is known for the pixelated horror game Faith, Moon is known for making Instagram and TikTok videos that take heavy cues from retro-inspired horror games and FMV footage. I was told they fit the vibe of, ‘person approaches you in a situation and you slowly realize something is horribly wrong’ and I can’t unsee it after checking the videos out.

With FMV-style point-and-click gameplay and three endings to unlock, the demo and proof of concept are going down well on Itch, where you can find it for yourself. The game was also number one in the “New and Popular” Itch category when it launched, so it’s absolutely been making the rounds online with all manner of YouTubers trying it out.

Excuse Me Sir also came from a really interesting place last year, as Airdorf Games took to Twitter to share a request with Moon to make one of her spooky viral videos into a game. Moon expressed interest, with Airdorf adding that Cox and others were already interested themselves too. The next thing you know we’ve got this bizarre, creepy FMV game to try.

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