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ExpressVPN launches Aircove Go router, puts protection in your palm

Aircove Go from ExpressVPN is a portable router designed to keep you safe while browsing on the go.

ExpressVPN's Aircove Go router being held in a hand

Security and privacy online are growing concerns, especially as more of us browse the web on smartphones than desktops. That’s why ExpressVPN has launched the first-ever portable router with built-in VPN protection, the cute, beige Aircove Go.

At just 250g in weight and dinky enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Aircove Go’s protection can spread to 750 square feet over Wi-Fi 6. It also secures unlimited devices, including smart appliances that can’t install VPN software.

We rank ExpressVPN as the best VPN and the best gaming VPN overall. It’s pricy, sure, but still our favorite VPN for ease of use, availability of global servers, compatibility with every major streaming platform and device, and superb speeds. But does Aircove Go look to be any good? Well, that probably depends on what you need it for.

Virtual Private Networks like ExpressVPN let you connect to the internet via servers in different regions. While you’re on holiday, you might do this to access streaming content from home and regional lobbies in the best PC games. VPNs can also hide your browsing activity from hackers and internet service providers. (More on what is a VPN in our guide).

ExpressVPN already sells a dedicated Aircove router for home protection, designed for heavy use where big families or large households have a tonne of devices linked up simultaneously. It gives you power and range. By contrast, Aircove Go is compact and portable, for locations like airports, hotels, and even co-working spaces where your privacy is still important.

Aircove Go router on a desk

“With Aircove Go, users can enjoy the convenience of a compact, portable VPN router that delivers the same security and reliability of a home network, regardless of the space they are in,” says product manager David Gilbert.

Its setup is simple, too. “Wi-Fi Link allows users to connect Aircove Go to an existing Wi-Fi network nearby without needing an Ethernet cable,” says ExpressVPN. Go is powered by a USB-C adapter, giving it plenty of connectivity options with the latest smartphones and laptops.

We’re hoping to test the new Aircove Go router soon. It’s available now on Amazon for $169, while Aircove is $189.