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Factorio meets Overcooked in this this beast-feeding Steam demo

Snacktorio is Factorio meets Overcooked with a dash of cosmic horror, as you struggle to feed a host of hungry otherworldly entities.

Ever wonder what Factorio would be like if your goal was to feed some amorphous Lovecraftian nasties? Snacktorio, which also adds in a helping of Overcooked and a smidgeon of Graveyard Keeper, has the answer. And, with a demo on Steam, you can test your monster-feeding skills right now.

I’d love to know the mental process that led to Snacktorio, a monster-feeding twist on resource-gathering sandbox game Factorio. TNgineers says it was born from a love of factory simulation games but it feels like, at some point, they worked in the food service industry.

Snacktorio passes you “the mantle of maintaining the unlimited buffet” That sounds impressive, until the game (in this case the demo) explains. Nightmarish nasties threatened to engulf the world until humanity agreed to feed them.. forever.

So it’s your job to assuage their hunger and prevent them from devouring the world’s cities. No pressure. With Overcooked and its follow-ups you work on the basis of meal-per customer. Here, you’re informed how much food the monsters need per minute.

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That’s where the automation comes in and, dabbling in the demo, I got a real buzz from pottering around, setting up my manufacturing line, crafting an impressive network of tubes, machinery and more.

It’s not quite as terrifying as you might think though you do make pasta out of bones. So there’s the possibility that the final game will go full-on Soylent Green. And having an inky beast yell “SOUP” at you is a bit offputting.

A small creature talking to a massive, inky monster. The monster is saying "Soup".

I’m eager to see where TNgineers take Snacktorio, with the prospect of later monsters becoming ridiculously voracious. There’s no release date for the game as yet but, by the developer’s estimation, you should get a good few hours out of the demo.

You can download the Snacktorio demo from Steam here. If you’re looking for another sim game to wrap your head around, here’s our list of the best sim games on PC. Or if Snacktorio’s beasties have you craving a new nightmare, here are the best horror games on PC.

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