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Faeria enters Early Access home stretch with final update before release

Faeria chests

Card game Faeria, currently in Steam’s Early Access holding pen, has now updated to version 0.9 bringing 15 new puzzles and friend spectating in last patch before release.

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The final update before hitting 1.0 in a few months will add another 15 challenges to Jalmyr for more single-player content as well as letting you dip in on your friends matches with updated social features.

As well as being to spectate, there are now emotes in the game to add a bit of flavour to your salty losses or smug wins.

There’s also no level cap anymore, letting you breeze past level 30 and earn new rewards indefinitely. Speaking of those rewards, booster packs are now battle chests and allow you to reroll the rarest card you get in the drop with a tantalising chance of dropping a mythic card, too.

There are lots more changes to the way the shop works which will continue to be tweaked in the run up to release, but you can read about them here.