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Fall Guys players claim they’ve been “robbed” by shop bug

Fall Guys, the online party game from Mediatonic, is leaving players feeling “robbed” owing to a bug which deducts Show Bucks just for previewing items

Bean from Fall Guys in a crown

July 15, 2022 Epic Games tells us it has a fix in the works and is seeking to remedy those affected.

Fall Guys players are reporting a bug in the game’s customisations and cosmetics shop, whereby the premium currency Show Bucks, which is purchased using real money, is being deducted from their accounts even though they have only previewed and not confirmed to buy any items.

In a thread on Reddit, players described feeling “robbed” by the bug, which supposedly results in items being inadvertently or erroneously purchased, depending on a variety of different actions while browsing the Fall Guys shop. In some cases, as apparently evidenced in a video clip, items are automatically purchased when players are simply previewing them.

This new shop is a joke, was checking out some items and it literally auto purchased this faceplate I will never use. At least have a confirm button or something. Not even a cancel purchase button? My controller does not have any issues with stuck buttons or double pressing when not intended. from FallGuysGame

In other instances, players have reported how using the Alt+Tab command to return to the Fall Guys shop screen on their desktop has resulted in items being automatically bought.

There is also video footage supposedly showing a player clicking on a nameplate, which can be bought using the free “Kudos” currency earned in-game. Instead of the Kudos item, though, the player is taken to a different screen for an item which costs Show Bucks – believing they are about to enter the buy screen for the nameplate, the player preemptively presses the confirm button, enacting the purchase of the Show Bucks item.

is there any way for me to get a refund after I just got scammed? from FallGuysGame

Fall Guys’ Show Bucks can be earned in two ways. Firstly, players can purchase the game’s battle pass, which itself costs 950 Show Bucks – 1,000 Show Bucks can be bought for $7.99 USD. Once players have the Battle Pass, they can earn further Show Bucks through play.

The other method of acquiring Show Bucks is simply to buy them outright. As well as 1,000 Show Bucks for $7.99, players can purchase 2,800 Show Bucks for $19.99, 5,000 for $31.99, or 13,500 for $79.99.

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Some players have reported losing up to 1,000 Show Bucks in a single transaction, owing to the shop bug.

Players also claim that they have contacted Fall Guys’ developer, Mediatonic, to complain about the bug, but have so far been denied refunds for the Show Bucks that they say have been wrongly taken from them. One player, Omisake, shared on Reddit the text of their reply from Mediatonic. Another, desperate_smile, posted a screenshot of a supposed email from the developer, responding to their request for a refund. In both cases, the players claim their refund requests were denied.

“Sorry to hear you received a cosmetic from the store that you didn’t intend to purchase,” say the communications supposedly sent to both players. “Unfortunately all purchases are final and we aren’t able to assist or offer refunds when purchasing stuff through the in-game store.”

Mediatonic also has a notice on its website, stating that “all purchases made in the Fall Guys in-game store with Show-Bucks or Kudos are final and non-refundable.”

In response to the situation, Epic Games tells us that “what is happening in the game is not intended and we are actively fixing it. The customer service response was also not acceptable and we will offer a make good for all affected.”