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Twitch plays Fallout 3, but will they nuke Megaton?


Hey everyone, it’s another week so Twitch are collectively playing a game again. We’ve already seen them beat Pokemon, and they’re currently battering their way through a modified, kind of turn-based version of Dark Souls – they’ve already beaten notorious bastards Ornstein and Smough.

Nothing will ever beat that time Twitch streamed two fish playing Street Fighter, though. Like the people involved in the Twitch Plays ‘X’ projects, not a lot happened for very long periods, but you can’t get angry with fish.

I’m a bit sick of all these ‘Twitch play a game’ things, to be honest; I’d rather watch my own nasal hairs growing, but I suppose at least Twitch Plays Fallout 3 brings something new to the table: moral choices.

I always play a horrible git in Fallout games – it’s the end of the world, I’m not going to be a nice person. If I saw you in real life in the post-apocalypse, I would beat you up for your beans. I’m sorry, alright? But give me your beans. They are my beans now. Apologies if you die.

You can have them back if they’re a supermarket brand. I’m a polite mugger, if nothing else.

There’s potential for a few interesting scenarios there, as the Twitch hive mind struggles with its various moral standpoints. Some people just want to set the world on fire. When I last checked, they were fighting over menus in the Pip-Boy. I would watch more, but I’ve got prior arrangements with a mirror and my nostrils.