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Fan purchases Fallout 3 and 4 just so he can complain about how they ruined the series

Falllout 4

No game series inspires its fans quite like Fallout does, and it is amazing the lengths that some wasteland wanderers will go to show their love. But nobody is more dedicated than local man Tyler Miles when it comes to fandom.

This veteran Fallout fanatic amazed onlookers at his local game store by not only purchasing Fallout 3 "even though it looks like it will suck," but also by coming back years later to purchase Fallout 4, even though "the last one sucked."

Wow! Even the local game store staff, who see hundreds of hardcore gamers every day, agree that Miles is in a league of his own when it comes to loving Fallout.

"There's nobody quite like Tyler," game store manager Jean Porter says, grimacing in a display of what was almost certainly respect and admiration. "I heard he was here on day one, pre-ordering his copy of Fallout 3, and pre-prepared with a 40-page speech he had written about how much he hated VATS.

"Seven years later he was back to pre-order Fallout 4, with another speech about how he was 'pretty sure' VATS had caused his girlfriend to leave him. That was the first time I met him. As soon as I heard the first page of the girlfriend speech I knew I was dealing with a real fan."

For his part, Miles refuses to rest on his laurels. When you are this dedicated, you know there is always another bigger and better challenge ahead of you.

"Right now I'm absolutely disgusted with Bethesda for how they've botched the Creator's Club implementation," the insatiable fan confirms while loading up his account with $500 to spend on mods and add-ons.

"It's honestly amazing to me that these people just keep putting out such bad products," Miles explains as he confirms his purchase. "It's like they have no idea what they're doing."

Talk about hardcore! Bethesda really are lucky to have a fan like Tyler Miles.

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Vulpeka avatar
Vulpeka Avatar
5 Months ago

Different company different format it's kind of like complaining that Mario 64 is not like the original Super Mario Bros but I have yet to play the original fallout's and to be honest the original fallout's had deeper worlds and more choices

Modern games especially ones built on consoles that were underpowered for their time like the 360 and the PS3 had limitations Gamers have just accepted that games have become linear and that it's just about starting and completing and not really about the experience

I think everyone would have loved to see interplays take on what their Fallout 3 would have been but there are things that Bethesda has put into Fallout that have made Fallout better

I will say that Fallout 4 was a lot better than Fallout 3 because of the shooting mechanics being a lot better and the movement mechanics being better plus the game feels a lot more balanced

I would still like for them to take a page from interplays book I got Fallout 1 free on Steam and I started it up and watch the intro and I already know I'm getting hooked seriously

The one thing I will criticize Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 especially Fallout 4 was that you were basically tied and gagged to the story which makes it more of a linear game they should just do the Metroid thing where you just kind of wander around and stumble upon stuff and then you use certain stuff to get into new places that's breaking up linear