This 3D printed version of Fallout 4’s laser pistol is perfect

Fallout 4 laser pistol

A 3D printing specialist YouTuber called Andrew Sink has recreated the laser pistol from Fallout 4 using a state-of-the-art machine. There’s no video of this particular creation, but there’s a lovely photo album for you to have a look through. 

We just want to be able to 3D print our list of the best gaming CPUs, to be honest. 

The project comes complete with its own case and even little batteries bundled together into energy cells. The back sides of the weapon articulate, allowing you to pop the cells in. It won’t turn anyone into ash though, sorry.

Have a look through the Imgur album below:

3D Printed Fallout 3 Laser Pistol!

If you’re looking for a video of the YouTuber’s work, there’s one embedded at the top of this page. In it, you can see one of his other projects: Junker’s frag launcher from Overwatch, albeit a low-poly incarnation.