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Fallout 4 character creator does famous folk: The Good, the Bad and the Uncanny

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 lets you design the mug you’ll meet the Boston wasteland with, and really, why shouldn’t that mug be Vladimir Putin’s? Or Beavis’, or Butt-Head’s? Using a character creator more granular and detailed than that of any previous Bethesda game, players have already set to work recreating their favourite actors and world leaders. The sometimes horrifying results await you below.

Fancy a famous name to match that face? Check the list of Fallout 4 names Codsworth will say for you.

Inevitably, and probably 1,000 times on computers and consoles all over the world, binge TV’s beloved antihero has been pieced together in Fallout 4. The brow is spot on, but for my meth money this Walter White’s a little too gaunt and not nearly wry enough. [8-BIT BASTARD]

Fallout 4

Here’s Woody Harrelson, as Kingpin’s Roy Munson, but looking a little colder around the eyes than he ever is in the flesh. [lordsmish]

Fallout 4

Beavis and Butt-Head are perhaps the most convincing of the bunch - helped in no small way by Fallout 4’s comprehensive collection of facial blemishes.

Though the image of Russia’s statesman wandering through the aftermath of nuclear war is unsettling, his visage is captured fairly successly in the character creator. [HarleyQuinn]

Fallout 4

Here’s John Wick himself, making good use of the scar selection tool. [KiraXD]

Fallout 4

And finally, an unholy vision transposed from Nintendo Land: Waluigi. [sageknight96]

Fallout 4

Brr. Sort-of-thanks to Kotaku. Have you seen any better on your Reddit travels? Or assembled a famous face of your own?

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deanbtn avatarAnAuldWolf avatarXerkics avatar
Dean Smith Avatar
2 Years ago

Some of these are fantastic, I did try the Walter White one myself (to much less success). Good job all!

Xerkics Avatar
2 Years ago

Wow the melodrama villain with the mustache is amazing wish i thought of that lol.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

It's the mandibles.

On Walter White, I mean.

I would bet that the creator is American. Having an American friend, I know that their mandibles are commonly much less pronounced than ours. You can see it in a lot of films too where you have a British person next to an American one. They've just evolved to have a more gaunt jawline, whereas we have jutty mandibles.

If you've grown up in a nation that's very commonly got tucked in mandibles, though, you're not going to notice features like that. And that's exactly what White is missing is his mandibles.