Fallout 4 has gone gold – sound the air raid sirens and prepare the bottlecaps


It’s so close now. I know some think people who write about videogames shouldn’t get excited about upcoming releases, but I will fire a Fat Man mini nuke right at their stupid faces. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. 

Here is everything we know about Fallout 4 so far.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas are a couple of the best games ever. Sure, they’re not perfect, but they are perfectly enjoyable, despite their flaws.

It’s easy to forgive the odd bug in a huge emergent world that’s so full of ambition. The series also has a signature personality that few games manage to capture.

So yes, I’m excited about the prospect of playing Fallout 4, especially after seeing the tweet from Bethesda confirming it’s finally finished.

Not long now until we get to see the world of Fallout before the bombs drop. Let’s hope it lives up to everyone’s lofty hopes when it releases on November 10.

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