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Fallout 4 modders are struggling to make virtual dicks work

So Immersive

While naked female Fallout 4 characters were out pretty much as soon as the game was released, there’s a serious struggle happening right now in the Fallout 4 dick modding scene. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Whether you’re a dick mod aficiando or not, Fallout 4 was undoubtedly one of the better games of 2015. Here is our list of the actual best PC games of 2015.

Because cock and balls protrude from the body in a fleshy mass,they require mesh editing and 3D modelling, meaning the male form is a much more complex undertaking for manhood modders.

There are only two dick mods out there at the moment for people who want to get in touch with nature in the Commonwealth, according to aNSFW Kotaku report.

You can see the photos over there, but the first one – in the brilliantly-named Immersive wasteland streaking – is clearly a grower, his little man visibly afraid of the harsh, post-nuclear climate, retreating back into his pelvis like a baby mole.

The second one, called Penis Envy, is quite the opposite, with your character permanently at risk of a radscorpion sting right up the pee hole. Here’s that mod’s description:“It is similar to viagra. This mod gives your character a non-stop raging boner.The nexus as of now is all about them boobs and booty. It is time we give the male character some love.”

But yeah, it’s not easy for these trailblazing dick modders, and they’re facing all sorts of issues trying to give Fallout 4 the D, with an earlier version of Penis Envy deforming the penis of any player who dared to crouch.

“An issue still is that the dick, because it is put on the pelvis bone, is resized as the character is rezised,” says the Penis Envy modder, via Kotaku. “This means that a large character would have a stretched out dick.”

Apparently the erect dong looks weird on big guys, so you should opt for a smaller one, or perhaps even a flaccid one, in this case. The more you know.

There have even been reports of players with missing balls. The Fallout 4 dick modding scene needs a hero, it seems.