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Fallout 4 Shishkebab flame sword gets remade in real life, is as weird and cool as it sounds


I know, I know, cosplay stuff isn’t news, I hear you. But it’s the weekend and this homemade flaming Shishkebab sword from Fallout 4 that swaps the standard lawnmower blade for a full-size katana sword is pretty darn impressive cosplaying. 

Also, don’t try this at home. 

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With the help of videogame memorabilia and prop maker Ryan Fitzpatrick, the guys at Make: put together this interpretation of the Shishkebab as it appears in Fallout 4’s concept drawings – with a katana sword as the main sword blade instead of a lawnmower blade.

While there’s a tonne of would-be hobbyists floating around the corridors of YouTube and the likes, I’ve never seen anything quite so professionally put together. The end product, which took five days to make, looks pretty devastating, much to the despair of “mutant intern” Roger:

The five day series can be viewed in its entirety on Fitzpatrick’s page, where he goes by the name Platinumfungi.