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Fallout 4’s best AI building mod is getting an expansion this month

Sim Settlements

One of Fallout 4’s best mods is getting an expansion. Sim Settlements will be getting updated with new Rise of the Commonwealth content on December 29.

If great Fallout 4 settlements are your thing, meet the man pushing them to their limits.

The aim of Sim Settlements is to put some sense of automation back into settlement design. Rather than spending hours collecting resources and sculpting your perfect settlement, the mod allows you to zone specific areas for development. Certain areas can be dedicated to housing, others to farmland, and some can be even turned into commercial space. You can still add to your settlements, but for the most part, your settlers themselves will be the ones doing the building.

Rise of the Commonwealth builds on the excellent groundwork that Sim Settlements has already done. Its trailer, which you can watch above, shows off some incredible settlements, but the real kicker is that every aspect of each one was built and developed by the game’s AI. While settlements built this way used to be relatively simplistic, if at least detailed, Rise of the Commonwealth adds an extra level of complexity to everything the AI are capable of.

On top of the new structures, the expansion adds dynamic soundscapes so your farms don’t sound like cities, more shop types, and an overhaul to the inbuilt taxation system. You can find out more about the mod at the Sim Settlements website, which contains a link to the relevant Nexus Mods page. If you want some help getting started, Sim Settlement’s creator, Kinggath, has put together a handy video.