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Without NPCs, how do you get quests in Fallout 76? Here’s how

fallout 76 gameplay

There are still quests in Fallout 76, but without NPCs (apart from hostile ones), where are you to pick them up? The answer: interactive objects, such as “holotapes, notes, and terminals.”

That’s according to Jeff Gardiner, project director at developer Bethesda, who was answering crowdsourced questions via Twitter. Gardiner says:

“Our quests are given largely through holotapes, notes, terminals. The story is very organic, it’s the story of the survivors that went out before you, the first 25 years after the bombs dropped. You’ll engage in their story, we added a lot of holotapes in this game you’ll hear a lot of audio. The story is actually rich in a way because you’ll be able to hear it, and as you continue to quest along and enjoy the experience in a way we haven’t before.” 

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What with Fallout 76 becoming an online game populated by other humans, a lot of fans of the more traditional RPGs have been wondering how it will tell a story without NPCs. It looks like we’re not quite the first generation of humans out of the vaults, and will be picking over their experience from what they left behind.

Here’s Gardiner’s answer in oral form. In the follow-up chat,multiple characters are also confirmed.

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