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Fallout 76 got ultrawide support – it’s broken

Fallout 76 finally has 21:9 support, but it doesn't work as you'd want it to

Fallout 76 brotherhood of steel

Fallout 76 got a big patch yesterday that brought a bunch of long-awaited PC-specific fixes, including 21:9 support. But don’t get too excited, ultrawide users – it still doesn’t work the way you’d want. In fact, it offers just the same stretching and visual glitches players got with the .ini file edit they’ve been using all this time.

The official 21:9 option will, for the most part, allow the game world to properly fill your screen. The problem is the UI, which stretches and distorts alongside the wider resolution – that includes HP and AP meters, your quest trackers, your loot pick ups, and your inventory screen. There are even some otherwise unseen visual glitches around things like water animation.

All these issues were noted by players on Reddit (via IGN UK), along with visual documentation of what’s wrong. As noted there, the official version has exactly the same problems the old .ini edit. It was the same way in Fallout 4, though mods eventually fixed that. There’s an unofficial 21:9 mod for Fallout 76, too – and while it has its own issues, it does at least properly scale the UI.

As noted in our Fallout 76 review, the game’s problems are a lot more fundamental than bad ultrawide support. But between refund confusion, the canvas bag controversy, and that time the support site leaked personal info, Bethesda online take on Fallout has looked like a comedy of errors all the way down. At least we’ve finally got FOV sliders and push-to-talk in this new update – those have to be working correctly, right?