Fallout 76 update makes the life of a hoarder all the easier

Your personal stash limit has been increased to 1,200 pounds, and there are more ways to organise your loot

If there's one thing that slows me down in games, it's my inability to delete items I pick up. I am a hoarder. Are all the items I pick up useful? No. Does that mean I'm going to sort them out? Also no. Thankfully, though, Fallout 76's recent update means I won't have to confront my issues for a while yet.

Bethesda reveals in its latest batch of patch notes that the stash limit has been increased to 1,200 pounds, which is a 50% boost, roughly. The developer has also made organising your trinkets all the easier, as there are now three new tabs: new, armour, and food / drink. You'll also find that the game will tell you the total weight of a stack of items if you select it. This update won't help me overcome my hoarding habits, but I'll certainly become all the more organised.

Fallout 76's new update comes with other neat additions, too. If you preview another player's vending machine, the game tells you if they're selling one-star, two-star, or three-star gear, which helps you weigh up if you want to fast travel to their camp or not. Bethesda has also adjusted Daily Ops rewards so that you'll “always receive an item from the rare rewards pool whenever you complete an Op fast enough to reach Elder Tier”. Neato.

If you fancy giving the patch notes a once over yourself, you can find them on the developer’s website.

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