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Fallout: New Vegas fan film gets a teaser trailer

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: Lanius is the work of a team of aspiring Australian filmmakers, including an international strongman, a Next Top Model alumnus and a voice actor from the Obsidian game. Eventually it’ll be a 10-minute movie, but right now it looks like this.

Liberal use of Mojave desert helicopter shots lend the whole thing a 1968 Planet of the Apes vibe, which is absolutely fine by me:

Strongman Johnny Domino will play Lanius, but only physically. A la Darth Vader, his “visual tenacity” will be complemented by the voice work of another actor, Mitch Lewis – reprising his role from Fallout: New Vegas.

The group have been crowdsourcing cash to finish the film via IndieGoGo. They’ve already reached their target, but there’s another eight days left to fund them should you desire it. Do you?