Fallout: The Frontier, a huge mod for New Vegas, gets new trailer and goes to space

Fallout: The Frontier

Fallout: The Frontier is a large mod for Fallout: New Vegas, and it’s just got an epic new four-minute trailer.

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Fallout: The Frontier is set primarily in Portland, Oregon, and is intended to run concurrently with the events of Fallout: New Vegas while fitting within the lore of the Fallout games. You’ll be able to play it with your old New Vegas character, and the plot turns around a general named Blackthorne, who is exiled to Portland from New Vegas’s Mojave desert. There he vies with the Legion to claim The Frontier’s secrets, rebuild his army, and return to Mojave.

Blocked from the Sun and thus chilled by nuclear ash clouds, the Portland frontier is apparently 16-kilometers square in size. To judge by the trailer, you’ll also get to visit a high-tech vault and a space station, and play with new gameplay features such as as tank combat and flyable vehicles which can engage in aerial dogfights.

You can check the current status of the mod and some FAQs over on its website. The developers have yet to confirm a release date but say they are “pushing for a winter release”. The mod itself is 74% finished, according to their progress tracker.

You’ll need Fallout: New Vegas and its four DLCs to play the mod when its done, so here’s the Ultimate Edition on Steam, which bundles it all together. It’ll cost you £14.99, or $19.99 US.

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